Aziz Ramos is an artist, designer, web developer and carpenter. His work was recently featured on Brutalist Websites and Crazycooldevelopers.

He is currently working as a web designer at Universal Music Group and previously worked as the creative director of Major League Hacking.

He's either spending time working with his good friends at Museache [his PR/creative agency], putting designs up on Dribbble, or making some furniture and stuff in the garage.



CSS3 & jQuery

CMS & e-Commerce: Magento 2/Wordpress/Drupal 7&8/Tumblr/Squarespace/Shopify

Angular 4&5/ReactJS

Ruby on Rails


Other Markups: HAML & Twig

Photoshop/Sketch/Illustrator/Premiere Pro/After Effects

Frequent moments and nicknames Don't do any of these :)

"Oh Aziz, like Aziz Ansari?, nice to meet you!"

As is

"God Bless you! or Gazuntite!"