What's up? I'm Aziz Ramos

I'm a cross-disciplinary designer unicorn from New Jersey currently working as a web designer at Universal Music Group. Previously I worked as the creative director of Major League Hacking. I take pride in designing and implementing ideas from the ground up. All my skills were acquired with the passion to know what it takes to create a viable product and experimenting ways to share it with the world.

I also spend my time working with my good friends at Museache, my PR/creative agency that builds awesome projects in the DIY arts and music world.

Things I enjoy

Splatter Painting

Beat making

Coloring books

Extreme sports fanatic

Watching Toy Story (BEST movie in the world)

Crate digging

Frequent moments and nicknames Don't do any of these :)

"Oh Aziz, like Aziz Ansari?, nice to meet you!"

As is

"God Bless you! or Gazuntite!"